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This week, CIO Leadership lessons you need for success.


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Artificial intelligence is being asked to predict the future of AI

Artificial intelligence model predictions from historical data on how AI research would develop over five years matched reality with more than 99 per cent accuracy – soon they will be asked what comes next.


Artificial intelligence models are being used to try to predict the future of artificial intelligence research. Thankfully, none of them say we are due an AI apocalypse.

Mario Krenn at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Erlangen, Germany, and his colleagues trained an AI model to analyse 143,000 papers published on the arXiv preprint server between 1994 and 2021. All the papers covered areas of interest to AI. From that list, they used a natural language processing tool to …


Investors Could Be Missing Out On Women-Led Startups. Here’s How They Can Fix That

How Investors Can Capitalize Equitably On The Most Promising Ventures.


Investors frequently say they want to diversify their portfolios. But they could be missing out on the next big femtech company because of the biased questions they ask entrepreneurs.

VCs question startups led by women and men differently — even when the ventures are otherwise comparable, according to a study from Columbia University and Harvard Business School that analyzed transcripts and video recordings from startup funding competitions with almost 200 companies from 2010 to 2016.

The different lines of questioning tend to put women on the defensive – a funding turnoff — while giving men opportunities to discuss their startup vision, which attracts more funding.



6 dimensions of data quality boost data performance

Generate accurate data analysis and predictions by mastering the six dimensions of data quality — accuracy, consistency, validity, completeness, uniqueness and integrity.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can generate quality predictions and analysis, but first require organizations be trained on high quality data, starting with the six dimensions of data quality.

The old adage of computer programming — garbage in, garbage out — is just as applicable to today’s AI systems as it was to traditional software. Data quality means different things in different contexts, but, in general, good quality data is reliable, accurate and trustworthy.

“Data quality also refers to the business’ ability to use data for operational or management decision-making,” said Musaddiq Rehman, principal in the digital, data and analytics practice at Ernst & Young.


    Insurtech Otonomi Raises $3.4 Million to Build a First-to-Market Blockchain-Powered Parametric Cargo Platform

    The company is the first to market in providing parametric cargo delay insurance.

    Lately, hindering inflation, recession risk and global logistics crisis has been all the rage in chatter. Nearly $10 Billion of estimated losses have been caused by supply chain disruption. Yet, the outlook for freight companies and insurers to get themselves out of their current trough remains bleak.

    In a markedly different tone, Otonomi’s CEO Yann Barbarroux has strong ideas about the future of the logistics tech sector. With his Co-founder and CTO Jeremy Sutton, he founded Otonomi in 2020, a Brooklyn-based tech-enabled insurance startup focusing on freight insurance. The company just closed a $3.4M oversubscribed funding round led by ATX Ventures, followed by GSR Ventures, Greenlight Re Innovations, Punja.VC, Altari Ventures, Soundboard Venture Fund, Blackhorn VC, Bering Waters, REFASHIOND Ventures and a number of specialized angels and syndicates.

    For industry professionals, and for everyone else looking to these technologies, it’s paramount to understand exactly what we’re working with.

    Blockchain technology is beginning to modify insurance operations, helping the industry to overcome some of its challenges. The use of different blockchain technologies within business, including in the insurance industry, varies according to its inception.

    Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, has been around for more than a decade, but institutions (including insurers) are now starting to hold it as a hedge against inflation.

    Enterprise blockchain, in which a private permissioned blockchain network is leveraged to share data and improve multiparty business processes, launched a little over half a decade ago and is just now showing signs of moving toward production within insurance.

    Featured Article


    10 Simple CIO Leadership Lessons You Need For Success

    Champions act like champions before they are champions

    Dan Fiehn Technology Leader

    Article by @danfiehn

    “Systems are back up.”

    Four words that no IT executive wants to hear.

    It’s a bittersweet feeling; without question, the first reaction is instantaneous relief. However, this is short-lived. Experience tells you that significant system issues usually result in subsequent business disruptions.

    I write this with first-hand experience, having been in this position numerous times. Each time, challenges have been overcome; however, these events have been the catalyst to outstanding achievements and numerous career highlights.

    In the following paragraphs, I’ll share some of the critical leadership lessons I’ve learned as an IT executive. I’ve also included some valued anecdotes from great leaders who have shaped my management thinking and helped build my resilience.



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