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This week, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world in the news. Read why you should make it part of your Digital Strategy.

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This week’s the Top Reads:

  1. Why you should make AI part of your Digital Strategy
  2. Self-driving trucks on public roads without a human safety operator
  3. Security AI is the next BIG thing
  4. Over 60% of the top 1,000 start-ups In Europe were founded in UK, Germany, & France
  5. InsurTech Startup Using Machine Learning for Claims Monitoring Raises $30M

Bonus Article:

  1. Fintech And The End Of Money


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Why you should make AI part of your Digital Strategy


AI reality is it will free us from our daily routines, helping us be more innovative, more productive & more creative in how we work.

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“Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world. It’s transforming the way we work and live. It’s doing tasks that humans used to do. But this isn’t a story about robots taking over our lives and stealing our jobs. Instead, this is a story about how AI can help make businesses and their employees more innovative, creative and efficient.”

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Self-driving trucks on public roads without a human safety operator


TuSimple aims to test self-driving trucks on public roads without human safety operators by year-end.
Exciting and scary in equal measures!

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“Self-driving trucks startup TuSimple signalled it is close to testing its system without a human safety operator on public roads before the end of the year. During the startup’s third-quarter earnings call on Wednesday, TuSimple announced plans to proceed with its driver-out pilot program, which would remove the driver for runs over the 80-mile route between the Phoenix and Tucson areas.”

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Security AI is the next BIG thing.



  1. Shutting down attacks early.
  2. Charting protected data
  3. Building zero-trust architectures 4 Bridging the skills gap with automation

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“In the world of cybersecurity, speed kills. In less than 20 minutes, a skilled adversary can break into an organisation’s network and start exfiltrating critical data assets. As the volume of data modern companies produce increases, it’s becoming ever more difficult for human analysts to spot malicious activity until it’s too late. This is where cybersecurity AI can come to the rescue.

This hostile threat landscape has led organisations like Microsoft to use AI as part of their internal and external cybersecurity strategy. “We’re seeing this incredible increase in the volume of attacks, from human-operated ransomware through all different kinds of zero-day attacks,” said Ann Johnson, corporate vice president of security, compliance, and identity at Microsoft.”

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Over 60% of the top 1,000 start-ups In Europe were founded in UK, Germany, & France.


Successful startups follow one of four different strategies to success:

  1. Network
  2. Scale
  3. Product
  4. Deep Tech

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“We studied Europe’s top 1,000 start-ups to learn how they succeed in the region’s fragmented value pool and found the answers lie in four distinct strategic plays.

European start-ups are being created and growing at an unprecedented pace these days, attracting the attention of global investors, customers, and corporate partners alike. They are proving the conventional wisdom wrong in the process: launching a start-up amid the continent’s fragmented value pool doesn’t necessarily have to be such a challenging proposition.

Despite the range of systemic challenges start-ups still face, including regulatory and cultural challenges, growing numbers of dynamic new ventures are thriving. These bold players offer valuable lessons for others aspiring to similar heights—and to a European continent striving to stay economically and technologically competitive with the rest of the world.”

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InsurTech Startup Using Machine Learning for Claims Monitoring Raises $30M.


Owl.co intuitive platform provides evidence-based claims monitoring removing human bias.

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“InsurTech startup owl.co Labs, Inc. raised $30 million in new venture capital. Many plans are in play to spend the cash infusion, including hiring and accelerated growth plans for the company’s machine learning-focused insurance claims monitoring platform.

“By leveraging machine learning to automate and remove bias from the process, we are blazing the trail to a future where nobody pays for fraud,” Sean Merat, co-founder and CEO of owl. co, said in prepared remarks.”

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Bonus Article


Fintech And The End Of Money


“Once you know who everyone is, payments are easy.”
“Which is why when it comes down to imagining the financial transactions of future generations, identity is the new money.”

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“This Fintech Revolution May End Cash, But The Next Fintech Revolution May End Money.

Noted Fintech investor Matt Harris, a partner at Bain Capital Ventures BCSF +1.4%, recently predicted here in Forbes that fintech would mean the end of money as we know it. He wrote that rather than money as we know it, in the future, “our assets will be 100% invested at all times”. In this vision of the future of money, transactions will be settled through the transfer of baskets of assets between counterparties without the intermediary of money.”

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