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In the news this week, why the ethics of AI are complicated and is a lack of trust its most significant stumbling block?

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This week’s the Top Reads:

  1. Computer chips are getting so advanced companies are using artificial intelligence to make them
  2. Blueprint Title raises $16M Series B to grow its title-focused insurtech business
  3. Artificial Intelligence: Biggest Stumbling Block is Trust
  4. Government and industry can develop an ethical AI future together, KPMG study finds.
  5. Why The Ethics Of AI Are Complicated

Bonus Article:

  1. Whatever good things we build end up building us.


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Computer chips are getting so advanced companies are using artificial intelligence to make them.


  1. Sustainability Strategy
  2. Transform in Cloud
  3. Cultivate Talent
  4. Need for Speed Operate with Purpose

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“Technological advancement seems unstoppable.

With every new device, be it a smartphone, laptop or entertainment system in a vehicle, the limits of what’s possible are pushed in both performance and energy efficiency.

At the heart of it all is a chip — a set of electronic circuits on a small, flat semiconductor material, usually silicon.

Until now, chip design has been the domain of electrical engineers, but a recent Google study could change that. It showed that the AI-created chip layout was “superior or comparable to those produced by humans in all key metrics, including power consumption, performance, and chip area.”

Thanks to a machine-learning technique known as reinforcement learning, artificial intelligence completed the task in only six hours, compared with weeks by humans.

Although Alphabet’s Google GOOG, 1.33% and Nvidia NVDA, 5.08%, have been performing tests and discussing the use of AI-powered techniques to boost chip-production capabilities, Samsung Electronics was among the first actually to create chips using the method.”

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Meet Companjon The InsurTech That Is Disrupting The Insurance Industry


“One to watch!

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Blueprint Title, an insurtech startup working in the title insurance space, announced this morning that it closed a $16 million Series B. Forté Ventures led the new round. The startup previously raised an $8.5 million Series A in the final weeks of 2019.

While Blueprint is an insurtech startup and fits into the neoinsurance cohort that we’ve tracked in recent quarters as several companies from the group have gone public, it’s somewhat distinct. Blueprint is different from the Roots and MetroMiles and Hippos that debuted via traditional IPOs or SPACs; it primarily sells to business customers and has a very other product on offer.”

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Artificial Intelligence: Biggest Stumbling Block is Trust


“Challenge for all companies is to promote widespread understanding of and trust in the use of data and AI in decision-making”.

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“Management guru W. Edwards Deming famously said: “In God we trust. All others must bring data.” But how far can we trust the data?

This is becoming an important question. The artificial intelligence systems now being built and deployed across the business landscape are only as good as the data being fed into them, along with the algorithms running the data. AI systems are now making decisions on customer value, courses of action, and operational viability, to name a few vital functions.”

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Government and business can develop an ethical AI future together, KPMG study finds.


“IAG is looking at digitally connected experiences to create value and better experiences for customers,”

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“The pandemic turned the world upside down, and businesses stepped up to the challenge, accelerating their digital transformation and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to help overcome new challenges in a new world.

A new study by KPMG, Thriving in an AI World: Unlocking the Value of AI across 7 Industries,” found that while some executives are experiencing a bit of COVID-19-induced whiplash as they reckon with AI challenges, industry leaders are optimistic about the new administration’s role in helping to achieve an AI-forward future.”

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Why The Ethics Of AI Are Complicated


The question isn’t whether AI will eventually become more intelligent than humans or turn good or evil. It’s what we can do right now to make sure it turns “good”.


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“If you’ve given any thought at all to artificial intelligence (AI) and the progress made in the field, you’re probably in one of these two camps:

Camp 1: AI is the biggest possible threat to humankind and will take over and make slaves of us humans (aka The Matrix or The Terminator camp).

Camp 2: AI should be embraced by humankind and drive us to unprecedented new levels of creativity, productivity and societal advancement. AI will largely remain subservient to us, and we will coexist harmoniously (aka the “R2D2″ camp).”

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Bonus Article


Whatever good things we build end up building us.

Today marks the end of my incredible journey with the Markerstudy Group!

Whatever good things we build end up building us.

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Fantastic ten years! Privileged to work with the most talented individuals, whom I’ve learnt so much. Hopefully, I’ve played a small part in shaping its future. Exciting times!

Starting from modest beginnings, we took the IT function by the scuff of the neck, rebranding ourselves to “M-Powered” and set about a large scale transformation From building the market-leading cloud rating hub to providing always-on IT services tens of acquisitions, not to mention some crazy parties along the way, the team has proven themselves time and time again.

A special mention must also go to our key partners. We have formed some powerful partnerships along the way, and without their expertise in our corner, things wouldn’t have been possible.


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