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In the news this week, how to improve your company’s profit through digital transformation.

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This week’s the Top Reads:

    1. HOW to improve profitability through digital transformation
    2. Why NLP is a critical part of your business data strategy
    3. Six key takeaways from Europe’s biggest insurtechs
    4. Brazilian insurtech Justos raises $35.8M
    5. Insurtech and the Brokerages of the Future

Bonus Article:

  1. RECORD BREAKER: InsurTech investment surpasses $10bn mark for the first time


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HOW to improve profitability through digital transformation


The paradox of choice for Insurers:
  • Sensors
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Robotic process automation
  • Application-specific technologies

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“Having created academically perfect works of art in his early teens, Picasso famously observed that “it takes a long time to become young.” His words reflected a creative arc that shunned tradition and spanned decades, with each new period and piece bringing some innovation.

The idea of innovating to improve operations and better predict outcomes is an exciting one that has been the backbone of insurance. The scale of coverage today—and advances in science and mechanics—has created massive opportunities for insurance companies to adopt innovative solutions that promise to perfect risk selection, limit exposure and supercharge profitability. The prospect of effecting such radical change to produce such compelling results is exhilarating, and we find ourselves champing at the bit to take advantage. We want to be young again.”

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Why NLP is a critical part of your business data strategy


“It’s time to unleash the value of unstructured data!”

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“The flow of relevant real-world data (RWD) to the life sciences industry has exploded in recent years, and most (80%) of that new content comes in the form of unstructured data. Unstructured data includes all the information shared in textual narrative and conversational formats. And in the age of Twitter and chatbots, that covers quite a bit of ground.

This information can be drawn from social media posts, journal articles, virtual customer contact requests, telehealth conversations, medical notes, and research information – and that is just the shortlist.”

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Six key takeaways from Europe’s biggest insurtechs


INSIGHTFUL READ. Data and AI as the King of Innovation


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By Florian Graillot, co-founder and Partner at astoryaVC, and Dr Robin Kiera, co-founder and CEO at Digitalscouting.

As if the insurtech space’s upward trajectory isn’t high enough, the pandemic even accelerated its growth. During the third quarter of 2020, insurtech firms globally raised $2.5 B in funding across 104 deals led by the American health insurance Bright Health for its $500 M Series E round and Lloyd’s of London syndicate Ki Insurance $500 M investment.

While the always-leading North American insurtech market slowed in 2020, it is an exciting year for the European InsurTech market. Aside from Ki insurance, the French healthcare insurtech Alan and the pet insurtech company Bought by Many contributed to Europe’s exemplary performance.”

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Brazilian insurtech Justos raises $35.8M.


Startup to collect users’ data via mobile phones to more accurately price different types of risk

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Justos, a startup that says it will be the first insurance company in Brazil to use data when determining rates, has raised a $35.8 million Series A round of funding led by Ribbit Capital.

SoftBank’s Latin American Fund and GGV participated as new investors, in addition to existing backers Kaszek, BigBets, Nubank CEO David Velez and Kavak CEO Carlos Garcia Ottati.”

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Insurtech and the Brokerages of the Future


Insurtechs is developing a range of cloud-based SaaS software for brokers & insurers to modernise & digitalise their offerings.


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“Can brokerages maintain relevance while adapting to the demands of an evolving digital landscape?

The insurtech revolution has helped accelerate the industry-wide efforts of insurance incumbents to digitally transform everything from their core systems to products to distribution. As modern customers become more and more accustomed to automation and digital self-service (not to mention doing their research and comparison shopping before purchasing a product), traditional insurance intermediaries may seem like an increasingly antiquated model for buying and selling. But for those brokerages willing to evolve their approach (and act with some urgency), technology can be a friend, not a foe, introducing novel methods for serving today’s clients better.”

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Bonus Article


RECORD BREAKER: InsurTech investment surpasses $10bn mark for the first time


InsurTechs raised $10.5bn of investment so far in 2021, more than 2018 & 2019 combined.


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“InsurTechs have raised a record-breaking $10.5bn of investment during the first three quarters of 2021, a year in which insurance technology firms are poised to secure more than the combined total for both 2018 and 2019.”

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