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This week, what is AI Sentient, and why should we care?


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Insurtech layoffs – the dust is far from settled

This is not a “bubble” bursting, but the environment is constricting as funding dries up.

Since the end of June, at least one insurtech company a week has forcibly bid goodbye to multiple members of its team.

Tech layoff trackers suggest that at the very least 11 insurance businesses have cut headcounts since May – and 2022 is shaping up to continue, if not accelerate, down this path, according to industry sources.

While the US has borne the brunt of reductions, the rest of the world has proven not to be immune.

Israel’s Tel Aviv has seen workers let go, with staff reportedly affected by changes at US-based Next Insurance and Asurion. India’s Nova Benefits slashed 30% of its staff in June, while the UK’s Zego reduced its headcount by 17% in July. The UK has also seen evidence of pivoting, with price comparison site challenger Honcho shutting up shop to switch up its model.

Machine Learning Enhancing the Development of IOT Products

AI/ML and IoT are individually innovative technologies with remarkable capabilities. But, when they act in a symphony it creates magic. It is able to take care of the limitations of limited data-based IoT products and platforms to give a performance that improves with time.



The Correct Path to Become a Data Scientist

The most crucial step is to complete projects. It is the most effective method for learning Data Science.

Machine Learning and Data Science jobs are high-paying and in high demand in the market.

It’s also expected that the world’s data will exceed 180 zettabytes by 2025. With over 41 billion connected devices, it will increase the market for data science in India by $16 billion and exceed $178 billion in the United States.

Data Science usually involves gathering a large amount of data, analyzing it, identifying patterns, and providing insights into what is trending and what may trend next.

    The 5 Most Critical Insights You’ll Gain in Your First 5 Years as a Data Scientist

    Keep these five insights in mind to advance your career from day one

    Your first five years as a data scientist are going to feel a lot like drinking from a firehose.

    New information is going to be coming from left and right, you’re going to have to re-learn some of the things that you learned at the very beginning of your data science journey, and you’re going to have to figure out your place within the company.

    By the end of your first five years, you may feel as though you’ve been hit by a bus of information and learning experiences.

    However, when you look back on those first five years, you’ll probably notice something pretty cool: you’ve gained several valuable insights that you can use to leverage your career in the next five years.

    It makes writing more about what you’ll get out of your readers, rather than about what they’ll get out of your writing.

    Regardless of how terrified I feel staring at a blank screen or paper, thinking of how to fill them with meaningful thoughts, using AI to generate an entire article is one trick I still don’t consider an option.

    Number one reason is that I feel doing so defeats the aim of “sharing your thoughts,” which is why we write in the first place, and then there’s the hunch I have that artificial intelligence still cannot write as well as humans.

    But recently while I was trying out a list of writing tools that I came across in a blog post, one of which is an AI tool that autocompletes sentences for you as you write; and if you try out the optional sentences that pop up at every stage of your writing, you can end up writing a full article with none of your original words.

    Featured Article


    What is AI Sentient, and Why should we care?

    It may be more human than you think!

    What is AI Sentient, and Why should we care?

    Article by @carynleachsmit1

    Is AI sentient? Can it think, feel, smell, taste and touch and experience emotions like humans do?

    There is no single accepted answer to this question, as artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapid and ever-evolving field. There are engineers and scientists like Blake Lemoine of Google who believe that AI is sentient. I wrote a short article about his views here.

    While others believe that sentience is a uniquely human quality and AI is just a collection of programs designed by humans. It’s just a machine and nothing more.

    But is it?



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