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I was very fortunate to sit down with Venturi to discuss my career, what people can do to better their chances of success in the industry & what makes a great leader.

Recording this podcast was such great fun, and whilst I reminisced, it was a stark reminder of just how quickly time passes us by.

We all have to seize every OPPORTUNITY that comes our way!!

Things always seem more effortless when looking back, but every journey has to start with taking that first bold move forwards!


COO Stories: What Makes a Great Leader

Dan Fiehn is Group Chief Operating Officer at Markerstudy Insurance, a leader and strategist with over 30 years’ experience.

Dan Fiehn joined Markerstudy, the UK’s fifth largest motor insurance provider, in 2011 to head up the Group IT and Product Management divisions and led the rebrand of the division to ‘M-Powered’, building a culture of innovation, developing a scalable infrastructure to fast track mergers and acquisitions and underpinning rapid growth.

Responsible for the IT digital strategy and IT and business cross functional teams, Dan created an award-winning team achieving recognition at the CIO Top 100, Gartner Eye on Innovation and Celent Model Insurer Awards.

Dan is at the forefront of innovation which is transforming insurance, having successfully overseen the delivery of the market leading insurer-hosted rating hub and the acquisition of Co-op Insurance.

I was fortunate enough to sit down with Dan to discuss his prolific career history, what people can do to better their chances of success in the industry and what makes a great leader.


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Exciting times!!