dan fiehn
dan fiehn

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My capabilities and experience will help your business grow in today’s digital age.

As a business and technology leader, I have over 30 years of experience driving growth in Insurance companies. I have a proven track record in operational delivery, leading innovation and digital agendas, and supporting C-Level leadership with new business development.

My keynote speeches and technology leadership services can help your business navigate digital transformation and growth.

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Dan Fiehn Capabilities

Are you looking for a growth consultant to help your business achieve lasting success?

Look no further. I have years of experience delivering operational efficiencies and intelligent data solutions that will propel your organisation to new heights.

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In today’s heavily digital market, organisations need knowledgeable technology leaders who can take their products to new heights.

My capabilities stem from a combination of experience with various companies and application systems, giving me a deep understanding of the complexities inherent in high-level technology solutions. I am an expert at streamlining operations, making products more price competitive, and improving overall efficiency.


Digital transformation has quickly become one of the most sought-after strategies for businesses in the modern digital age.

I am a passionate technology leader who focuses on improving a company’s competitiveness by implementing scalable solutions to maximise efficiency and enhance pricing capabilities. My data analytics capabilities, innovative technology, and prudent use of resources help companies meet their goals even in competitive markets.


Are you looking to transform your conference or event? Then you can look no further. 

My keynote speeches are insightful and entertaining, leaving audiences with actionable takeaways they can implement immediately.

Focused on “challenging the status quo” and “delivering truly transformative results” within the Insurance sector, I’m sure to engage and inspire your audience.