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CIO Executive Summit Keynote – Don’t you find that the most apparent vital realities are often the hardest to see and talk about?

Change can bring uncertainty & resistance in the workplace, & managing this will require a shift of view for most leaders.

I’m very excited to be allowed to be the opening keynote speaker at this fantastic event—what an incredible privilege. I am looking forward to a lively debate and seeing people in person!

There’s been no shortage of change in the workplace in 2020 and 2021, especially for IT departments. Change can bring uncertainty and resistance in the workplace, and managing this will require a shift of view for most leaders. Your actions do not just influence a project’s success; it is affected by the actions and reactions of those involved. This is why it’s essential to understand how your efforts impact others to influence the project’s success. Join Dan Fiehn in this keynote address as he shares research and personal experience to understand the root cause of resistance and overcome the associated challenges.

In this Keynote Specifically, you will:

  • Identify how system metadata can be used to visualise variability in performance
  • Understand how new technologies can reinforce digitalisation and enhance the experience
  • Ask powerful questions to understand the resistance within the system by understanding goals, reality and options



I based this keynote around a recent article I wrote –

Resistance is futile: Why leaders need to focus on people ahead of technology to boost benefits


Opening Paragraphs


Innovation is essential for long-term business survival. However, research indicates that up to 70% of all digital transformations embarked on fail because people resist the very things necessary for success.

Resistance is rarely irrational and comes from a perspective that makes sense to those involved: our personal experiences, interactions, status, and security shape our views. However, sometimes our outlook blinds us from seeing the bigger picture.

The following is an extensive guide on why people are resistant to change and how to overcome it. It is written for anyone involved in the transformation process, particularly leaders looking to maximise digital benefits. The post is divided into three parts: what drives our reaction to change, 12 critical scenarios that spark resistance, and finally, implementation strategies to increase success.


What Drives Our Reaction To Change?

REACTION – “…..something done, felt, or thought in response to a situation or event.”

Changes at work stimulate solid emotional reactions within us.

Underpinning our reaction is the relationship that we all have with our organisation. This relationship consists of a complex mix of shared obligations and commitments, both stated and implied.
Formally, we evaluate our role in an organisation by the basic tasks we’re required to do. Think – job description, which outlines the specifics of the position, the level of support given to undertake the job, how performance is appraised and how this impacts pay and benefits.

Psychologically when things change, we weigh up whether the efforts required to continue to do our job are worth the remuneration and recognition received. Our relationship with our boss at this time is essential. Their willingness to recognise a well-done job underpins our commitment to them and the company.

Socially, we gauge an organisation’s culture by its practices and align with our values. Consider – the actual rules that determine who gets what and whether managers practise what they preach.
Any change perceived to threaten any aspects of those above will trigger a reaction.

So, what are the top trigger moments which invariably lead to resistance?




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About Keynote Speaking


Dan is an experienced keynote speaker whose leadership is focused on challenging the status quo to deliver truly transformational results within the Insurance sector.

“Dan was a keynote speaker at the Data Science Implementation in the Financial Industry conference in London. His presentation was fascinating, informative, well-delivered, and extremely well-received by all attendees and went on to be the highest-rated contribution of the entire two days. I would without hesitation recommend Dan as an authoritative and engaging speaker in matters relating to Data Science and Big/Smart Data.” – Tony Gibbons, Production Manager at TBM Evolution Group.


Conference Audience Feedback – Gartner Evanta CIO Event – London, 2021

“A great session with some valuable takeaways. Addressed how to deal with resistance to change and how this would impact the success of your digital initiatives.”

“Outstanding opening keynote presentation. Very relevant.”

“Interesting and loved the animations. Lots to take away.”

“Very engaging keynote speaker. Excellent content”

“Engaging, honest and funny. Some good pointers, thanks, Dan!”

Felt real and genuine. Great insights. Thank you!”